Monterey CA Week 35

My trek to Chews Ridge (Ventana Wilderness, Monterey Co) for the late-flying, crepuscular Golden hairstreak was a success - it took only a few handfuls of gravel, tossed high into the Canyon live-oak treetops, to flush several individuals from their daytime roost.  A weekend family visit (grandson’s birthday) to LA might have added Harford’s sulphur and Wandering skipper, but circumstances prevented me from chasing down these species that Ken Wilson had generously staked out for me near San Diego. 

Then it was back to Monterey for R&R, including repairs for me (dental work) and Chalcedona (50,000 mi. service).  A touch of stomach flu also laid me out . . .  third time this year that a cold/flu bug has afflicted me at a family gathering.

Those of you who thought I might accrue close to 600 species this year might want to backpedal a little.  I know I have.  A realistic assessment of my prospects for the next three months (I exclude wintry December) puts me just a little over 500 species.  A late summer-early fall swing through the southeast should garner maybe 10-15 species, followed by, in Oct-Nov, another 20-30 in s. AZ and TX, assuming a typical fall showing of Texas specialties.  I had hoped for many more in s. Texas, but a perusal of my year list revealed that my summer wanderings across the southwest have already snagged many fall species. 

So I look forward to the pursuit of my “adjusted” goal of 500.  Every new species now becomes very special, and there are some real beauties awaiting, especially in s. Texas, where several gems reported by Mike Rickard and others through the year have had me drooling.

But first, off to Florida . . 

New Species:  1         Total trip species:  468           Species Photographed:  455

Limenitis lorquini

Lorquin’s admiral on its territorial perch, Garrapata SP, Big Sur CA

Habrodais grunus (2)

Golden hairstreak, HIGH up in a Canyon live oak, Chews Ridge, Monterey CA

Ochlodes sylvanoides

male Woodland skipper in “jet-plane” mode, Garrapata SP, Big Sur CA

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