Monterey CA week1

Jan 1-7

Already a change in plans.  Texas is cool and rainy, so I stayed in sunny Monterey to greet the year’s first margined white in Big Sur’s Partington Canyon.  With luck, I had also hoped for an early Sonoran blue, which normally flies Feb-Apr.

The orange sulphur was a bit of a surprise.  Is it an early hatch, or did it overwinter?

The extended forecast is for continued cool in Texas until at least mid-month.  Florida is in the balmy 80s, but, alas, my camper-van is in Texas.  

I sold my home, so while waiting out the weather, I’m staying with good friends Jody Quintana, Larry and Carole Rose, and my daughter Heather in Oakland.  

Week list:

Margined White  Pieris marginalis

Orange Sulphur  Colias eurytheme

California Dogface  Zerene eurydice

Echo Azure  Celastrina echo

Satyr Comma  Polygonia satyrus

Red Admiral  Vanessa atalanta

Monarch  Danaus plexippus

Total species:  7

Species Photographed:  4


Satyr Comma Polygonia satyrus - Partington Canyon

Highlight species: Satyr Comma

Note the symmetrical missing sections of the hindwings, likely the result of a bird attack either in flight or when the butterfly was perched with wings closed.  In fact the gap in the wings resembles the shape of a bird’s beak.

Like the Monarch, this species overwinters as an adult and flies on warm winter days.

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